The Longest day - alzheimer's association

The Longest day - alzheimer's associationThe Longest day - alzheimer's association



How It All Started

I actually grew up skiing in Southern California.  After our family moved to Texas, ski trips became less frequent.  However, I still always felt a strong draw towards the mountains and loved the snow!

In 2014, I got laid off from my corporate job and instead of looking for another, I decided to adventure a little.  One of the things I wanted to do was get back in the mountains.  However, knee twisting injuries made skiing difficult.

So I decided to learn how to snowboard and fell in love!  The rest is history!


Snowboard Trip Of A Lifetime

Since that first season, I had an idea of combining my other passion of traveling with snowboarding.  I wanted to take a 3-4 month long snowboarding roadtrip!

However, at the end of that first season, I started my own company.  Fast forward to 2016, I was working 80+ hours a week running my company and working part time as a construction salesmen.

After missing my Grandmother's funeral because I was too busy, I decided to step back and re-evaluate priorities.

Then, in November 2016, what originally started out as a short roadtrip for a work conference turned into a very rushed, duct taped together plan for the ultimate snowboarding roadtrip.  A trip that took me around the Northwestern part of the U.S. for 3 months and the European Alps for 3 weeks.

It truly was the Snowboarding trip...or, actually, TRIP of a lifetime!

Then in December 2017, I terminated my apartment lease, packed everything I owned into storage and took off again!  

I became a true nomad.  This time, I covered much of the western part of the U.S. and Canada in six months.  Then once all the snow went away and my Longest Day fundraiser ended, I took off to Europe for a few months.


Snowboarding and The Alzheimer's Association - How You Can Help!

About 2 weeks into my first road trip in 2016, I decided I wanted to have my trip mean more than just me running around having fun.  So I called the Alzheimer's to see how I may be able to raise money for them during my travels.  They guided me to their second signature fundraiser, The Longest Day.  My Longest Day is dedicated to my Grandmother who passed away from Alzheimer's.

The main focus now for my Longest Day is Yoga.  I will be leading donation yoga classes, workshops and events.  Follow my social media for updates on these.

Check my facebook page and Instagram for updates on fundraising events.

To make a donation, please visit my Longest Day donation page HERE

100% of all donations go directly to the Alzheimer's Association.